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Class Info


The IICRC Contents Processing Technician (CPT) certification course is designed to provide an education for technicians in the practice of contents recovery and processing from loss events such as fire, water, mold, and trauma scenes.

This in-depth course will include topics such as inventory methods, packing procedures, transport, cleaning, deodorising, storage, and pack-back principles. When coupled with additional on-the-job training and field experience, students should be adequately prepared to perform and document typical residential or commercial restoration projects involving contents processing from start to finish

Topics Covered:

  • Health and Safety
  • Contamination Characteristics
  • Inventory Methods
  • Evaluation and Inspection
  • Customer Etiquette
  • Packing and Damage Prevention
  • Efficient Workflow
  • Contents Cleaning & Deodorisation
  • Crew Responsibilities
  • Pack-back Procedures
  • Transport & Storage
  • Job Closing

Inspection & Evaluation Techniques

  • Characteristics of smoke residues and how they can affect contents cleaning procedures
  • Furniture inspection and hidden contamination
  • Material porosity and its potential affects on cleanability
  • Damage or imperfections to furniture finishes, how to identify wood surfaces Identification of pre-loss conditions and evaluation procedures
  • Knowledge or understanding of pre-inspection photo documentation, do’s and don’ts
  • Contaminated contents items that have the highest probability of restorability
  • Difference between “soft contents” and “hard contents”
  • Insurance definitions and scheduled personal property

 Documentation & Communication

  • Proper administrative, inspection, evaluation and client communication
  • Appropriate procedures and paperwork when disposing of unrestorable items
  • Laws, regulations and standards within the Restoration industry
  • Post remediation evaluation and verification practices

 Cleaning Procedures

  • Processing steps for contents cleaning
  • How wood surfaces can be damaged
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and uses
  • Handling of food and alcohol
  • Causes of cross-contamination
  • The types and use of industry cleaning equipment
  • Proper contents restoration tools and how they work
  • Use of chemical deodorants and possible damages

Packing & Storage

  • Packing materials and their uses
  • Handling and moving contents
  • Facility storage access and protection

Health & Safety

  • Potential hazards in contaminated spaces
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Potential issues with content preservation services
  • Ergonomics when managing contents
  • Potential airborne health hazards
  • Health risk and hazard assessment protocols


  • You must have a computer, laptop, or ipad with working camera and microphone.
  • You must have a strong internet connection.
  • You must be present for entire course