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Something very important to us.....  charity:water.  WHY?

1,400 children die every day in developing countries from diseases caused by unclean drinking water. We decided to help!

1. 100% of donations to charity:water will bring those people clean water for the rest of their lives because private donors cover their operating cost

2.  Every project is proven with GPS coordinates and pics.    Read below for more info. 

3. It takes very little $$ to make a HUGE difference in the lives of these people. $40 brings clean water for the REST of their lives.

WATCH founder Scott Harrison's amazing story 

 See our charity:water page for more info

By attending our WRT class you've helped children in schools and small villages around the world get clean water for lifel!   Check out the progress below.....

Our 2024 big project has been finalized.   A village of 415 people in Uganda will get a well built in their village providing clean water for all of them for the rest of their life!

Our two 'clean water' projects for 2023 are under way! The 1st project is is bringing clean water 'piped system' to 1,500 school children in Uganda.  The 2nd project is bringing a village in Madagascar a clean water 'piped system' and they will have clean water for life.  Check back for progress, GPS coordinates, and pics.

In 2022, we started with a well-rebuild in Uganda that serves over 350 people. THEN, in December, we started a new project to bring clean water/sanitation to a school of 550 in Bangladesh! As with ALL charity:water projects, GPS & pics will be coming soon. Check back to see their progress. All with the help of our students!

A portion of our donations in 2019 & 2020-21 are being put towards wells in Nepal and Ethiopia. Clean water piped system is under way in Nepal. Check back for more updates as things progress.

Part of our donations in 2019 were combined with other donors and funded a well in Monapo, Mozambique that was completed in Aug. 2021.   179 children, woman, and men will have clean water the rest of their lives. Nothing is more fulfilling!  Some of 2019 donations went to several well-rebuilds in Zimbabwe & Nepal.   The well in Monapo, Mozambique is now complete!  The well  in Zimbabwe is also complete!

We are so excited to report that over 2,300 people are getting clean water.... for LIFE! 
as of 4/2024