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We are dedicated to your success!  Our mission is to inspire passion, purpose and performance in cleaning and restoration professionals. Our purpose is to help YOU reach YOUR goals.  We've been training & educating since 2003 and in the cleaning & restoration industry since 1995.

We put together a team of extremely dedicated and educated instructors to go along with our world class training
to keep you educated, inspired, & entertained.

You'll love our ongoing support, training, & consulting whether it's in a future class, on your job site, or by phone.

Bruce & Joanna DeLoatch

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Why Choose Us?Why Choose Us?
IICRC CDS-commercial Drying Specialist class
What makes OUR IICRC CDS-Commercial Drying Specialist the BEST ONE  in the industry? 

                                                                                                                                                                                      Our Team!
Mickey Lee has over 40 years of commercial experience, as a general contractor, water damage restorer and trainer. He has exclusively worked in commercial buildings of all types, including multi-tenant high-rises, retail, government, healthcare, convention centers, industrial plants and schools. During much of this time he regularly designed and conducted training courses throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Additionally, he has served on various industry committees for IICRC and RIA, and notably chaired the IICRC S-500 Standard as well as the CDS course.
Bruce & Joanna DeLoatch – Bruce has over 30 years of experience in building trades, commercial electrical systems and health/safety issues. He and Joanna built a successful carpet cleaning and water-damage restoration business. For the past 18 years they have owned one of the best training, consulting and executive coaching businesses in our industry. Bruce is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant and regularly speaks at various industry-related conferences.

                                                                                 Our Commitment!
We all know of IICRC certification classes that simply teach the material only to the level of the exam and not much beyond. In 2010, when the IICRC-Commercial Drying Specialist was first approved, we committed ourselves to go beyond that concept. We made the commitment to prepare our students to do the complex work of inspecting, planning and managing the restoration of large, water-damaged commercial buildings. We want you to be able to do the work… not just take the exam!  Join us for the most interactive & lively CDS out there!

                                                                                                     CHECK OUT OUR 'CDS SUPERCHARGED' VIDEO

     Why choose OUR WRT -Water Damage Restoration class?

  Our Interactive & Engaging Instructor, Bruce DeLoatch!

Not all classes are the same! Especially zoom classes. Bruce DeLoatch has been teaching WRT class since 2005 and transitioned into teaching the MOST INTERACTIVE ZOOM CLASS you'll find.  His passion for teaching really shows when taking the most complicated subjects and making them easy for you to understand

Learn how to set up a balanced drying system, how to calculate how much drying equipment to use,  categories and classes of water, and tons more!


  • LIVESTREAM from DeLoatch Studios in Suwanee, GA, USA
  • "IN CLASSROOM' with Cleaner's Coach unavailable due to Covid-19. *Alternate partner locations vary

Bruce DeLoatch

IICRC Instructor WRT, FSRT, OCT, CCT, UFT, Guest Instructor for CDS & AMRT. Consultant, Coach

Joanna DeLoatch

Education Coordinator 'Director of Awesomeness'

Elisabeth O'Brien

Administrative Assistant

Mickey Lee

IICRC CDS Instructor

Peter Sierck

IICRC AMRT Instructor

Richard Driscoll

IICRC AMRT Instructor

Randy Pierce

IICRC TCST Instructor

Mark Violand

IICRC RRT Instructor