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Class Info

Class subject:      What you really need to know about the 5 principles of water damage restoration.

We'll take a deeper look into the 5 principles of water damage and how it applies in different scenarios. This in an interactive livestream CEC class and students will be encouraged to participate with questions and conversation.

Health and Safety
What are the OSHA regulations that apply to your jobs?

How to protect workers from serious injuries and illness.

Why PPE is not enough.

What are your responsibilities to protect building occupants?

Document and Inspect
How to perform a property damage assessment.

What to look for when inspecting for contamination.

How to correctly determine Class and Category.

What inspection tools do you really need?

Mitigate further damage
How to prioritize initial procedures

How to stabilize the environment within the structure

How to stabilize materials and contents

Clean and dry
What must be cleaned prior to restorative drying?

How to establish dry standards.

How to set drying goals.

What are the ideal drying conditions?

How to monitor and document drying.

Complete restoration and repairs
How to confirm that materials are dry

Common pitfalls on job completion

Requirements for successful repairs and reconstruction

How to minimize call-backs and unhappy clients