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Upholstery cleaning...... Love it?..... or hate? Learn how to take the fear and pain out of cleaning upholstery AND add $12,000 to $18,000 a year in PROFITS on each truck with the customers you already have. If you think upholstery cleaning is risky, unrewarding, backbreaking and unprofitable then this class is for you. Bruce DeLoatch will change the way you feel about cleaning upholstery forever! You and your employees will not only learn the fundamentals of cleaning upholstery, he teaches you how to present, demonstrate and sell this service at prices higher than your competition. After all, the real reason you are in business is to make money. And the only reason to learn or improve your skills is to so you can make more money and stay out of trouble! How to clean “problem” fabrics without fear •Causes, cures and prevention of browning and bleeding • How to double your profit on almost every upholstery job • Clean fabric workstations (cubicles) safely and easily • High-end, high performance cleaning • Commercial, high production cleaning • How to handle delicate fibers and weaves • Plus A Lot More! See how to use dry foam, hand shampoo, solvent cleaning and hot water extraction cleaning methods. Bruce will explain all of the applications and considerations you should take into account when choosing a cleaning method. Plus, Bruce will also teach you a simple 2-minute strategy that makes it “falling off-a-log” easy to add an average of $80-$100 per job to your s


  • You must have a computer, laptop, or ipad with working camera and microphone.
  • You must have a strong internet connection.
  • You must be present for entire course